Yay for the last of Thailand photos!
(Part one, two and three)

We played with so many animals: elephants (adult and baby), tigers (adult and baby), bear cubs, snakes, and monkeys!!!!

Do you understand why this is the ultimate dream adventure?!

 ^^can you tell how excited we were to hold that?!

(I promise I kissed the snake too, but we only have a video not a picture!)

We stayed at the Marriott Resort in Phuket and wanted to get a little involved in the resort fun,
which included water aerobics, yoga, and "mountain" biking. 

^^seriously that beard, come back! 

^^Derek got a custom suit done, & I just think this pic is hilarious!

I <3 monkeys!!!
We had heard that there are wild monkeys that you can feed and we tried finding them, we were driving around for almost an hour and just as we were about to give up we saw a sign for the monkeys! 

 ^^Bri was so scared of the monkeys, every time they would get close he would drop the banana

the end

My family and I have traveled to quite a few different countries, but this was by far the funnest vacation we have ever been on! It was so adventurous and different, I would recommend this country over any vacation, ever!

If you are ever planning to go to Thailand, let me know and I will give great recommendations!  

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