Okay, okay.
We played with elephants, tigers, bear cubs, and tiger cubs all in one day!
(it was almost the best day of my life)

Bear cubs? Are you kidding me!
They were absolutely adorable.

 ^^look at that smile! (the bear's, not mine)

This topped the cake, 
when we walked in the little cubs were asleep. 
I picked this one up while it was just waking up and it peed allover me!!!

Once they woke up, they were full of energy!
They would nibble allover on our body, sometimes it would hurt a bit, but playing with them was amazing! 
 ^^Derek now says he's been bitten on the face by a tiger

 ^^cutest picture of my mum

Our first morning in Phuket, my dad and brother went to the lobby to rent a car,
they called up to the room and said, "Come down quick! There's a baby elephant down here!"

The baby elephant was giving us kisses on our lips...it was kinda gross haha

Khob khun ka
(That's all we learned in Thai)

The Markets: 
We always had so much fun at the night markets,
they had the best, and worst, food and great shopping!
(Brian and Derek tried cricket and larva!)
^^the sign! (Fried Insects)

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