I cannot believe I haven't posted our pictures from Thailand!
I made a book for my parents for Christmas and had to go through 700+ pictures and edit which ones would be included. I cut out A TON, which is good because the best will be in these posts. 

My family has traveled quite a bit, mainly in central America, and we have such fun vacations. 
But we decided that nothing, i mean nothing, can ever top Thailand. 
It was the most incredible experience I have ever had in my whole entire life and words/or pictures cannot describe the adventure we had! 

Brian's parents and sister traveled all through Japan with us and when they left my parents and brother arrived in Japan and on our way we went to Thailand.
(I hope you enjoy these as much as I do)
^^the stairs were so steep, it was freaky to climb down them! 

Riding an elephant has been a dream of mine for my whole entire life. 
My dad moved to Korea when I was in high school and my mom and I were supposed to go along, 
they tried to convince me to go along by saying we could ride elephants somewhere in Asia...and that still didn't get me to go haha. 
(there were originally 300 pictures of us on elephants)


The workers told my mom to give the elephant pepsi and he loved it! 

After riding elephants we went to the Tiger Kingdom. 
It was pretty cool to see these massive Tigers, but super boring.
They just laid there and we could barely touch them.
The most amazing part was playing with the tiger cubs, I can't even handle the cuteness...
but that will be on the next post. 

^^bri definitely got the best picture with the tigers! 
^^& here's a great pic to end with the tiger going to the bathroom 

more to come...

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