My mom is one beautiful woman, inside and out. My most favorite thing about my mom is the way she makes me, and everyone around her, feel when I'm with her. She is so uplifting! I went to her ward for mother's day because my dad was on a boys trip with my brother and Brian. It was so fun to see her in her ward, she has so many friends. People adore her, and when I'm around her I try to be just as happy, fun, sincere, and loving to people around me as she is to everyone. I am like my mom in so many ways:
+ I know how to eat really good dark chocolate & really good bread and butter
+ I can talk a millions miles a minute
+ Because of her I'm brave, always try new things, and (try to) never give up
+ Have a love for really really good pastries
+ I know how to sneak fun things into the movie theater. (Once I brought a whole bottle of Martinelli with cups hiding in my purse!!!)

I only hope to be like my mom when I have my own children. She is so kind, loving, uplifting, tender, and just plain fun. I hope I can find the balance of being a mother and being a best friend just how my mom found that balance with me.

Mom you are so beautiful, and beautifully talented, i love you. 

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