Southern Dining

While my mom was visiting we went to some great restaurants, including these restaurants. We went to Arnold's Country Kitchen, it was a cafeteria looking place where you serve yourself. We got a taste of everything and it was so yummy, they have the best customer service-wanting to make the customers experience wonderful! They just kept handing us food after we had already paid, wanting us to try everything. 

Another day we went to Mack & Kate's Cafe, it has been featured in Southern Living magazine. It was great southern food in a shabby chic restaurant that is so adorable! 

The decoration in the restaurant is adorable, and again the finest customer service. It is definitely a lot more expensive than Arnold's, but so delicious. This so far has been my favorite restaurant in Nashville. They have the best southern fried chicken and macaroni and cheese! They too wanted our experience to be unforgettable and kept handing us food as well. They brought over the yummiest sweet tea, we couldn't resist asking for seconds! 

I am so happy we have found so many fun and different restaurants and can't wait to explore even more this summer!

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  1. Very fun! I bet you loved having your mom in town for a little while!