Escalator Trouble


My mom came to visit last week from Thursday to Monday, it was way too short of a trip and I am so sad that she is gone! My mom is my best friend and we have so much fun together, and she spoils me to pieces! We went shopping her first day she was here, its already dangerous shopping with her because our money tends to disappear...but then it got real dangerous when I tripped on the escalator! 

I tripped on the escalator and instantly blood shot through my pants and it was everywhere. I got to the top of the escalator and my mom and an old lady helped me to a bench, a few mall cops came to my aid to stitch me up. My mom knew I was wearing my favorite pants so she was trying to find where to cut them open so she could sew them back up! 

Soon an ambulance and three firemen showed up, in all there were 6 paramedics on me. We told them I did not need an ambulance and all I needed was a tetanus shot. So they wheeled me out in a wheel chair.  

It was seriously all so embarrassing, all of this from tripping on an escalator! But good thing my mom is always on the scene taking pictures! 

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  1. OH no Brenna! That looks terrible! Poor girl!