Happy (future) Father's Day

Sunday was Father's day and we celebrated Brian being a future father! Starting with a very yummy breakfast in bed, that my wonderful mom mostly made while she was visiting! I gave him a little father's day present- a pool floating device for laying out and his fave vanilla coke! To end his father's day celebration I made him a yummy Oreo dessert because he has been begging for it! We spent the day doing all sorts of fun activities! 

^^We first went to get a pic at the bluebird (we didn't have time to actually eat there when she visited) and it is nothing like it is in the show "Nashville", but it is still super cute! 

^^Next was The Loveless Cafe where almost everyone I have come across has told us to eat here. The wait was 2 HOURS! So we got some biscuits and country fried chicken to-go and ate it outside on little benches. Its a cute little area with a tiny grocery store and souvenir store. It is so popular because it's a meeting place of so many freeways that everyone stops at.  

Brian had to get a picture of "Rea's" pub. We went to Downtown Franklin after Loveless and ate at another place Puckett's Grocery and again such delicious southern food! This area was a very small town with cute little shops up and down the road, we just walked and explored it a little bit. Sunday we got a real Tennessee experience driving through the country and eating at iconic southern restaurants, it was great! 

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