HOUSTON! My home now, and it is not what I expected! 
My in-laws drove down with us, thankfully, and we instantly found an apartment to live in and tried to do a few fun things while they were in town. 
We went to Galveston for a few hours to see the beach:

^^Wait, I don't remember Bri's beard looking that thick!!! 

Django seriously loved the beach so much!

^^They are best friends and sometimes it makes me very jealous...

Tom, my father-in-law, has a love for Bucee's! It is a huge gas station that has unlimited options of everything and they are known for their big, clean bathrooms haha!

Our first Sunday we hit up the Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston and it is quite beautiful!

Every weekend we are trying to discover a new, fun area--because there is seriously so much to see!
Like the #biscuitpaintwall

^^Seriously discovering new places with Brian is my favorite thing in the whole world!!

 ^^he shaved his beard without even warning me first, I walked into the bathroom and it was half gone! I wasn't too happy about that...but I mean his face is still adorable.


Houston is so diverse, there are different markets and restaurants from all around the world. 
Our favorite of course is the Japanese market! Ahhh, they have everything we love from my fave drink and Bri's--melon cream soda and calpis, to mochi ice cream, our favorite real Japanese ramen and our favorite, favorite rice triangles wrapped in seaweed!!!

&& of course there's Pocky, that you can find anywhere, but our first time trying cookies and cream!

We've been taking Django to the dog park, which are everywhere, so he can make new friends and he surprisingly likes jumping in the water which makes him look like a rat...

There is this massive Water Wall, right next to the Galleria mall, and it's pretty amazing!

Shipley's Donuts, I think, are super famous here because they are literally on every corner. 
Sweet Bri woke me up one Saturday with a dozen of them...I won't admit how fast we went through them.

Sunday's consist of naps and the dog park!

We went to the Museum District in Montrose, which I think is the cutest town to ever exist, and there are TONS of museums----that are free!
(We also loved going into the air conditioned museums because it is so hot here!)

 ^^love this guy

^^we did a little @framedwallet shoot with the pretty green fences!

Houston has been pretty fun, especially on the weekends when we find new places to visit and eat!
We love our ward and people have been beyond so nice to befriend us!!!

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