Lots of updating to do of our last days in Utah...

We spent a lot of time going on motorcycle rides, our favorite was taking gaurdsmans pass to Park City! Brian made a huge effort on taking me to beautiful places in Utah because he knows how much I'll miss it! 

We spent time with all of our friends trying to get in breakfast, lunches, dinners, and desserts to say our goodbyes. It is the worst saying "I'll see you at Christmas!" when it's only June...

We love drive in movies and haven't been to one since living in Nashville, so we jumped at the chance at going. We brought a pizza and skinny pop and the car died in the middle of the second movie. 

We went to a Bee's game in Salt Lake on a night there were fireworks. The game was okay, but the fireworks definitely did not disappoint! 

More motorcycle rides....we started taking Django around the neighborhood on it and he loved it!

My parents gave us camping gear for our graduation present and we got it all...including an 8 person tent which was too much tent for us to handle. We went on the lake and traded in for a smaller tent after it took us forever to put up and take down! 

 Happy Father's Day
(the card's my mom and I made on her cricut...I need a cricut)

& my dad's father's day present was giving their RSL tickets to us that night,
which was too much fun!

We spent many, many dates with my parents. (which I loved because I miss them so much already!)
One date consisted of Baskin Robbins where I got cotton candy & bubblegum ice cream. yum.

We went to the Olympic park with my brother and his girlfriend where we did alpine slides and ziplines. (I thought this day was hot...until I got to Texas).

My cute friend Cara got married and had the most beautiful wedding ever!
Seriously, I thought I was at a celebrities wedding. 

I spent a lot of dates with my mom, which was much needed. One of which included the Salt Lake farmers market. We got so many yummy things there, including homemade limemade. mmmmm.

We had one last (party) with my family on my dad's birthday and went to the Oakley Rodeo!
It was too much fun, everyone was there with dates, we went out to dinner and then the rodeo.

Happy Birthday Dad 

Brian is my dad's new favorite son (in-law), they went on a four day backpacking trip where they hiked and fished all day long. My dad's and Brian's dream. 

4th of July was spent celebrating and being very depressed...as you can see how I woke up:

We started the 4th with going to the Pepperwood parade and the neighborhood breakfast after. We took the motorcycles and Django, it was great. 

^^my cute parents

We spent the day packing up the rest of our stuff and then went to the stadium of fire with Brian's family. Stadium of fire is so much fun! I love oldies-Journey played-and the fireworks were so amazing. I may have been a tad bit emotional during the fireworks--part love for living in America and part being really sad that that was my last night in Utah for awhile. 

I took one last picture with my home because it might be gone soon...so sad! 


The next day after the 4th we began our trek to Texas. We left Sunday morning and arrived Tuesday afternoon. We drove a Uhaul with one of our cars attached and my in-laws drove our other car (thank you!). It was such a long drive!

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