This past Sunday a freshly returned missionary gave his homecoming talk and it was so great! He talked about how on his mission when things wouldn't work out, usually something better would come from it and that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing. And it made me feel so much better about moving to Texas.

We leave in about three weeks and are sometimes so stressed out if it is the right thing to do. Or if there is something better out there for us, or if we should quit everything and move somewhere cool and teach English. (Literally, that's a daily topic, mostly if we should go back to Japan). But we just have to rearrange our attitude to be positive and realize that Heavenly Father does have a plan for us. And right now, that plan is to move to Texas and see what comes from it. We may move there and never want to come back, or more opportunities could spring from it!

Anyway, I am just so happy that no matter what I have Brian, and my little Django, and most importantly the Gospel. That in tough or confusing times I know that everything will be okay. 

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