Woohoo, we graduated college! Been MIA because: Hawaii, finals, graduation, packing to move...
Here are some a ton of graduation pics coming at you, and thoughts about graduating college at the bottom!

 ^^Mitt Romney spoke at my commencement and it was so good! 


 ^^Some of my business friends! 
^^They announced my name wrong...I was not happy about it 

When I started college at Utah Valley University I totally thought I'm going to college to get the paper and I need this degree "just in case something happens to my husband"....seriously. I think this is what a lot of girls think when graduating high school and going to college (especially in Utah)        -->but college is so much more than that!!!

I am so so so happy I went to college and have a degree. I proved to myself that I can do hard things, and that if I put my mind to something that I can accomplish it. I also learned so much more outside of the classroom than I thought I would. I lived on my own and had to figure out life on my own. I met and dated so many incredible people, which helped me realize what I wanted in a husband. I had roommates who are some of my best friends who also had the same goals as I did. I had so many fun adventures living with different people, meeting so many different people, and getting a degree in something that I loved! College is so much more than just attending class, doing homework, and taking tests.

I am so beyond grateful that my parents instilled in me that going to college wasn't even an option, it was something I knew I had to do no matter what my circumstances. I am so thankful for my parents guidance and help to put me through college, they are amazing! I also think women who do not attend college and find something that they love is wonderful! I know so many girls who have done different things that they are passionate about and didn't go to college, which I love. I love seeing people find something they are passionate about and challenging and accomplish it, and for me that was getting my marketing degree from UVU.

I am also so proud of my husband for graduating from BYU in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. He is the smartest person and I am so happy we could graduate at the same time!

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