I love that I found a man who loves traveling and doing crazy adventures just as much as I do.

A few nights before our anniversary I found my journal from when we were dating and told each other we loved each other, it was the funnest thing to read! 

Anyway, I love my husband and the last two years have been insanely fun, hilarious, and adventurous. Here is to forever!


(A post on our wedding day, our bridals, our honeymoon, our engagements, & the proposal)

And, below is our wedding day video which consisted of:
+great food
+the greatest venue: studio elevn
+crazy dancing
+live band
+a yummy cheesecake for our cake, because I hate normal cake
+me singing elli goulding's cover of elton john's "your song"
+my brother & his friends, The Hood Hoodlums, performing a rap song they wrote
+& of course, our greatest friends and family! 

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