happy valentines day!!!

because it is the day, and month, of love i wanted to share our engagement pics and story today!
so brian and my parents had been lying to me before the engagement.
brian told me he wouldn't have my ring for a couple of weeks.
my parents told me he hadn't talked to them for their "permission".
but really, everything was taken care of to surprise me.
(at this point, i already had my wedding dress before we were engaged...whoops!)

he was in arizona with his family for christmas break and i flew in christmas night to be with them.
that night he kept blabbering about how its "tradition" the day after christmas the boys go golfing in the morning and he was sorry he would be gone all day long.
i got a few little hints the night before because he told me to take off a bandaid i had on my left hand and my mom told me to wear my cuter of the outfits i brought this day. 
but really, i had NO idea.

the morning after christmas the boys went "golfing" at the country club.
all of the girls went to get our nails done (so my nails would be pretty with my ring).
his sister "forgot" something at the country club so we all headed over really quick to grab it.
while we were there we got me a guest pass and they had to take my picture.

a worker took me outside to take my picture and said "i think these are for you".
I turned around and there was a string of notes leading up to a gazebo type thing (like in the picture).
instantly i knew and i started freaking out!
i slowly started walking up and reading every note he wrote on.
i began to cry because they had the sweetest things written on them!

he was no where in sight and then i heard a little golf cart driving up in hopes that it was him!
it wasn't, just an old man and his son...it was pretty funny.
then when i reached the end of the notes, he came out of hiding and knelt on one knee.
it was seriously one of the most happiest moments. 

^^this is the only picture of my ring because i hate my hands being photographed.
his family came out of hiding as well and his sister took all of these photos.
everyone had been keeping this secret and did so good without telling me!
before i left to AZ all of my parents friends would say "you're getting engaged when you get there".
and i would say "i promise you, he doesn't even have the ring!"
but they all knew. 

i am so, so happy and beyond blessed that brian chose me. (i think he's pretty lucky too)
i am one lucky girl to get to spend every valentines, and every day for that matter, with my valentine.

happy valentines day