honeymoon lovin!

our honeymoon was so much fun! 
we went on a cruise to the western caribbean starting in florida to cozumel, belize, honduras & the cayman islands. 
seriously, the funnest trip.
we rented a vespa, hung out at the beach all day everyday, went snorkeling, and ate so much! 

one of my favorite animals are monkeys, probably because its my animal look alike. 
we got some fun pictures with two monkeys while we were in honduras.
 one scratched me and i thought i got a disease from it. 

^^my cutie. this was in grand cayman...we're going back there in a couple of weeks! 
cannot wait!!!

loved going to the fancy dinners.
except i get motion sickness so easily, so a lot of the nights brian had to bring me dinner in bed.

we got married in the middle of the semester of school, 
so it was so nice to have a wonderful break for a week.
we had a week of no stress and all fun, until the day we were headed back home and missed our flight!
brian set the alarm for 7...PM. 
it was not good. 
we had to pay for two last minute flights, which were not cheap,
and we waited in the airport for 8 straight hours. 

but besides the flight home, it was the most perfect honeymoon! 

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