For some reason we choose to go camping at the best times with our friends, brody+keelia,
usually it's in November...or February. 
We went up with high hopes of it being warm, being that the day was 63+ degrees!
Brody set up the cutest camp site for us, lights hung from trees, fire ready to grill burgers, and everything else set up! 

The boys thought it would be fun to not sleep in a tent and literally sleep under the stars.
So we snuggled in our sleeping bags and froze the night away.
Here are previous camping adventures with our friendlies here & here

On Saturday we went shooting with some friends.
(Sam who we hiked Mt. Fuji with in Japan)
He has some crazy guns that are so fun to shoot!

& on Saturday night we had tons of leftover hot dogs from camping,
so we invited friends, siblings, and cousins over for an impromptu hot dog party! 

These are the weekends we are going to miss when we are gone,
spending it with fun family and great friends! 

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