camping in november.

get ready for picture overload. brian and his friend brody have been wanting to go camping forever - but in nashville we didn't have any camping stuff. so they decided to go last weekend...in november. what were we thinking? we had so much fun! we made tin foil dinners and hung out by the fire. 

^^who knew my husband could play the guitar? i have been wondering why we have a violin and guitar in our apartment that have NEVER been played. so we listened to some great guitar, harmonica, and made up songs on the spot. 

^^so this was the worst/best part of the night. we camped up a canyon in spanish fork where there are hot pots to swim in. it was so freezing that night, i was literally wearing 5 layers of long sleeves and sweatshirts. we went on a big hike up to the hot pots and swam in them for a couple of hours. it was super fun, but getting out was freezing! 

^^we didn't plan breakfast for the morning.

^^these were our hiking boots from the night before, worst hiking boots ever. our feet were hurting. maybe steve madden and h&m shoes aren't the best for hiking?

we had fun. i love that brian is so adventurous, who goes camping in the middle of november?? he always gets me to do things outside of my comfort zone-like hiking up to hot pots in the middle of the freezing night. i love going on fun adventures and making great memories with him!