I've been a little MIA as of late with a new semester starting,
so here is what has been going on these past few months. 


We went to a family friends wedding in December. The same family bought my sweet Giselle, or Gisellica (Toyota Celica), my first car! We sold it before we left for Japan, but I am so happy I get to see her every now and then...I miss that beauty!

This video won't work too well, but my family goes to my parents ward the Sunday before Christmas and some friends passed us some halftime sacrament treats...they were full sized candy bars just chowing down during church! 

The tree of life in Draper, Sunday activity with my fun fam. 

An 85-year-old lady Brian taught on his mission sent us thank you letters for (Brian's parents) sending her pictures of the Temple. She is the sweetest lady ever! 

Here are some pics of the condo we're living in in Springville! 

My girlfriends and I always have a slumber party during Christmas and exchange gifts. This year nobody could meet during the break, so we waited until after the holidays and spent the night at The Little America Hotel. (One of our friends just moved to California, so that makes me the only brunette now!)


Our friends took us indoor rock climbing, and lets just say Brian and I found our new hobby we want to get into...we loved it! 

^^am i smiling a little too hard?! haha


^^jordan in the pic above is from Australia...and the very next day on our way to church we found a little farm that has a kangaroo! We like to visit this little guy quite often now.  

I went on a work trip to the Las Vegas Home Market, which was absolutely amazing! And of course had to hit up the outlets...I love kate spade. 

I had to take a selfie on my balcony to brag to my husband where I was at...but also missed him to death that night! 

^^ignore my creepy dinosaur hand 

Seriously, this was my dream being there...only for the clothing market. Maybe someday. 


Speaking of my work trip, I got a new job! I do the marketing for a small company who sells paintings in stores across the country called Darren Gygi Home Collection. (One of the paintings is the candy heart "Be Mine" in the pic.)

The past couple of weeks have been crazy! Brian's aunt is Becky Lockhart, the former Speaker of the House, who just passed away. She had a rare brain disease called CJD and was diagnosed about two weeks before she died. All of Brian's family came into town the moment they found out. It was so great to spend so much time with family and see everyone come together, I met so many of Bri's aunts and uncles. 

Becky passed away a little over a week ago at 46-years-old and has three kids, one of which is serving an LDS mission in Virginia. The memorial was at the Capitol and the funeral the next day. It was amazing to see how many people she influenced and touched. She was such an amazing person! 

 Our sweet little Avery came down with Brian's family for the funeral, and we never pass up a chance to spend time with her! 

 ^^my sister-in-laws and cousin-in-laws

...and that is what has been happening the past few months! 

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