hello again!
This semester has been a little different than others...I literally have zero time. 
Brian and I leave the house at 7am and don't get home until 8 or 9pm. every. single. day.

so i'm a little behind on this bloggy blog.
last weekend we went to st. george, the best little getaway to exist. 
I got Little Mermaid musical tickets for my birthday and we finally got to use them!

we went with katy + taylor and had the best time! 

we really didn't have any plans besides the musical, but brian's uncle took us to sand hollow for some swimming and cliff jumping!

i forgot a swimsuit...so we hit up the clearance sale at walmart  and here is my $6 get up:

 ^^cutie newlyweds^^

 ^^i think my form is hilarious!^^

next was the musical. i <3 musicals so much!
and my parents happened to go to st. geezy the same weekend and went to the musical! 


^^my mom is a babe^^

&& on sunday we journeyed back home,
but you can't make a trip to st. george without going to dixie rock!

aren't weekend getaways just the absolute best???

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