LIFE LATELY: WE'RE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I already said I love AMERICA?!
I still need to post our Thailand pictures...there are over 700 pictures on my camera...and then there's our phone pictures as well, so i don't know when I will go through and edit them. 

We came home and instantly started school and had to make tons of time for our friends.
the first couple of weeks home have been hard, we are still living out of our suitcases and overwhelmed with school and work. 
(sometimes I envy our summer when my biggest worry was what tv show I was going to watch for the day...but I seriously do miss Japan a whole ton!)

we found a sweet place to live for the school year and it's FREE!
(my parents should thank us for letting them live with us....)

we had three birthdays in the family in august, so we celebrated all three the sunday we got back.
my parents made my favorite meal and dessert in the whole world.
I'll list it because I dreamt about this meal all summer long:
******flank steak******
^^(this was actually my only and biggest request)
*mashed potatoes
*yummy summer salad
*fruit fruit fruit
(fruit it too expensive in Japan...unless you find clearance pineapple after 5pm!)
&& chocolate mousse for dessert.

my dad only makes chocolate mousse twice a year: mothers day & my mothers birthday,
luckily my first sunday home was my mom's bday celebration!

^^whole fam together in 4 months

over labor day weekend we decided to go boating last minute,
the water was freezing and so choppy!
but we figured this is our one and only time this summer to wakeboard, might as well!
(we invited our cute friends jordan + chantel)

all of our friends hadn't seen each other all summer (or in sammie's case, for a year and a half)
it is so, so much fun when all of us get together because everyone is doing something so different from one another.
we get to hear about baby knox, careers, school, summers away from utah, new jobs and even missions. i love these cute friends of mine! <3

brian's bff got married and we could not be more excited!
(they actually started dating the exact same time bri + i started dating!)
congrats trevor + chloe
they went to ny on their honeymoon...so jealous!

our neighborhood had a huge party displaying art and cars, tons of games and yummy food!
we headed over on the motorcycle and spent saturday afternoon there.

^^my amazing and creative mom put a few of her quilts to show.
she tries to make one every year for us, and sews sweet messages to us in them.

there were around 65 cars for the car show. our neighborhood is incredible, people have the most amazing cars!
^^this is, apparently, the most expensive car in the world so of course I made bri get a pic with it.

of course we missed american food when we got home, so we have definitely been hitting up some of our favorites....starting with in-n-out burger!  

we've also been trying to take advantage of the warm weather while we can, so we have been loving hikes! we are so lucky that beautiful hikes are walking distance from our home!

we are obviously so happy to be home!

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