as the weather gets colder we are trying to get in as many outdoor fun as possible! 
except this weekend was a little hard with all of the rain...

friday was one of our good friends birthday so we went to a japanese restaurant (first japanese food since we've been back). i was actually ready to have japanese food!

^^we love our provo friends...but don't see them as much since we live in sandy^^

on saturday i had a much needed friend reunion...one friend i hadn't seen since before her mission and another had a baby i hadn't even met! unfortunately, we didn't take one pic...but i loved seeing them!

that night we met with some friends and i told them that this cute diner up the canyon had famous pie! turns out they don't...don't know where I got that idea from?!
so then we were all craving pie and hit up the nearest village inn...don't ask why the heck we went to village inn???

the cutest baby to ever exist is in my ward...and it was her last sunday before they move away! 
so naturally, we stole her all of sacrament meeting playing with her...we'll miss you winnie!
(yes, she is wearing a fur vest from zara...she's a little fashionista)

 ^^this is what my mom brings the young women on sunday...how could i not come in for class when the menu usually consists of kneaders?

please tell me that I'm not the only one who didn't have gourmet meals at yw on sundays?!

on sunday afternoon the weather cleared so we took out the motorbike and drove up the canyon!

^^our little deer friends are always hanging out in the backyard^^

we drove up to snowbird and oktoberfest happened to be going on,
so we walked around and enjoyed the event!
(not much to enjoy for us when the main event was drinking beer haha)


 ^^utah you are so beautiful!!!^^
^^bri struggles to open his eyes sometimes...^^

i never love utah more than in the fall, the mountains are so incredible!
i feel so much more appreciation for the beautiful mountains i now get to see every single day from being away from them. 

i <3 autumn

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