i was so nervous to move to japan, but i am so happy brian and i had the opportunity to do so.
i think living abroad is something every single american needs to do.
not only for the cultural experience, but also for the gratitude i gained for america.
(obviously i am biased that america is the greatest country to exist, but i'm sure people who come to america gain a greater appreciation for their home country as well)

japan is such an amazing country with amazing people. i will forever remember the relationships i had and the love i felt from friends we made in japan.
there are so many things i appreciate living in america more....especially the space i have at home!

i just wanted to express how amazing it was to live abroad, to fully engage myself in another culture, to gain different experiences i would have never imagined experiencing, and to do this incredible journey all with my sweet husband. 
(i feel like i just quoted something someone would say on the bachelor? haha)

i know it was only a few short months for me, but i feel like i can endure anything after that. 
i really hope that one day we return to japan to visit!

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