we brought bri's family to our tiny, tiny apartment in komaki for three nights and were super nervous how we were all going to fit. but first brian's coworkers threw him a "going-away party"...they'll use any excuse to go out and have a good time. 

we had so much fun that night talking with everyone, they had all of us cracking up and laughing so hard! (you get a few drinks in them and they really loosen up!)

right when we cleaned the apartment i ran in really fast and took a few (horrible) pictures. we have lived in some not so great apartments, but this one by far beats them all. we could not help but laugh all summer that we shared a twin sized blow up mattress and that we could barely move in our apartment. but i think this will definitely be one of my favorite memories of japan, we had fun in this little apartment.

pictures don't even do this place justice on how small it was.
we definitely appreciate all of the space and room to breathe we have in america.

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