we all decided that hiroshima was our favorite place in japan. we did so many exciting things here, and brian got to relive some memories from his mission. brian served in the hiroshima mission for most of his mission and then it combined with the fukuoka mission where he finished the last six months. 

we started off the day going to the old mission home and his favorite restaurant...we loved it so much we went twice! the type of food is called okonomiyaki and it is so delicious! brian told them he used to come there all of the time on his mission and they were so happy he came back! 

our next stop was the hiroshima carps baseball game!

we were lucky we even got tickets and sat on the very, very, very top row

^^bri makes a friend everywhere he goes

the next day we met up with a woman brian taught on his mission. 
she is one amazing person. 
she loves brian so much and treated us so well. 

she has lived in hiroshima practically her whole life and was there when the bomb was dropped. 
she told us the greatest stories and tried so hard to speak english to us.
i was so happy to meet someone from brian's mission who just loves and respects brian so much. 

the next place was the highlight of the entire trip: miyajima!
it is a little island with little deer everywhere and a huge gate in the water, it was so much fun. 

^^we bought the prettiest kimono's here

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