we spent 2-3 days in each city: Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Kyoto, back to Tokyo.
we took the bullet train to each city, worlds fastest train.
we were excited to go to Nagoya to show bri's family our stomping grounds.
we went to the Nagoya castle, which neither of us had been to, and it was completely rebuilt and just opened in 2013. 

^^the inside was beautiful with tons of gold paintings

^^here's that same monkey performing again!

unfortunately these are the only pictures I have in Nagoya and Komaki, i think becky has the rest on her phone.
brian still had one more day of work so i had to show the family around by myself! it was a bit scary.

i took them to the Inuyama castle which is the oldest castle in Japan, it still had it's original architecture which was amazing! then we got my favorite ice cream and went to my favorite ramen house.

i was pretty proud of myself for navigating in japan! 


  1. Where is your dress from? Super cute!

    1. Thank you! It's from Michael Kors, but I have found just as cute ones from TJ Maxx as well!