we went back to tokyo for the end of the trip, and by then we were all ready to go home. we had been living out of and hauling our suitcases everywhere! our legs and feet were so tired from constantly walking everywhere...but we still had so much fun! 

we went to tokyo disney sea and hit up as many rides as we could! 

one day we just took a nice relaxing walk around harajuku and yoyogi park and peopled watched

that evening brian's mission president and his wife took us to the coolest place, i can't remember what it was called, but it was in the middle of the ocean.
we drove on a freeway UNDER the ocean...it was insane!

we're in the middle of the ocean!!!

^^when we were in komaki i took them to the inuyama castle and a bat flew into tom's hair! it was the joke of the trip and then we saw this sign, we had to get a pic! 

we found a fun candy store in harajuku and avril lavigne's music video was playing in the store, then we realized she filmed in that candy store and signed the wall (next to becky's head). 

^^our fav japanese treat!

brian's family left and we still had one more night so we spent it at the temple annex. 
we are soooo lucky that tom, jill and becky came to visit us and that we got to show them around. 
it was such a fun trip, thanks tom & jill! 

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