unfortunately i think my sister-in-law has all of the good photos of when we went to the peace park where the bomb was dropped in hiroshima. 
words can't describe the feelings i felt standing only a few feet away from where one of the bombs exploded in hiroshima right above this building. they kept this building in remembrance of what happened and where. 

we walked all around the park and then we went into the museum and it was incredible. 

^^what the city looked like post-bomb

going to the park and museum was one of my very favorite parts of japan.

our next stop was kyoto. 
while we were traveling through japan rainy season was "over" but there happened to be a typhoon, so it was raining constantly. one day in kyoto we couldn't even do anything because the rain was so bad. 
^^rainy day spent in our airbnb apartment!

i mentioned in another post that these gates are in memoirs of a geisha, they were amazing. 
hundreds and hundreds of gates lined up one after another leading up a huge mountain, there was no way we hiked to the top in that heat!

we happened to get really lucky one night in kyoto. it happened to be a big festival where they light 6 huge kanji characters on different mountains. the streets were crowded of people everywhere enjoying the kanji and taking pictures, it was so much fun! 

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