we finally just got back to AMERICA!!!
we did 23 days of traveling living out of our tiny little suitcases, it was so nice to come home to so much space & the mountains.
(it is really weird to come home to large homes and yards and tv's and pantries with so much food!...compared to japan)

the first of our travels was to tour allover japan with brian's parents and sister, we had a blast!

we met the family in tokyo and had a very busy first day.
brian's mission presidents wife came to tour us allover tokyo, 
and we first hit up the tokyo tower!

^^we saw this monkey coming out of the tower...and then saw him two days later in Nagoya!

  after the tokyo tower we went to asakusa shrine, there were old buildings and delicious street food!

the next stop was tokyo skytree, which is the worlds tallest tower.
the views were incredible at the top!

^^we stood on glass and could see to the bottom, it was freaky!

our last tour of the day was a museum sister isa wanted to show us...by then we were so exhausted!
the next day we just wanted to relax because we were tired, and sore, from so much walking!

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