Almost Famous

when i was a senior in high school my friends and i took a trip to california for spring break. we spent a day in disneyland where i thought i spotted a celebrity. none of my friends believed me, but i went up to him nervously and asked, "are you famous?". it ended up being dermot mulroney from my best friends wedding and from new girl, so we got a (very blurry) picture with him and i felt pretty dang cool. 

the point of this post is, if you get starstruck like i do and you think you see a (somewhat) celebrity, don't be afraid to say something! like i didn't do in nashville....and i regret it!

there is a show called the glee project and one day when i was walking in my apartment complex i thought i saw a girl from the show walking her dogs. i got too nervous to say anything, because what are the chances?! but i looked her up on twitter and it was her.

anyway, sorry for rambling on about nothing. i was just super sad that i didn't go talk to her because she has the most amazing voice and i would have loved to see her perform before i left. 

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