Flash Back

i was a cheerleader in high school and every year for the homecoming game they have the alumni come back and cheer. at first i felt pretty dumb getting back into my uniform (thankfully, it still fit) and going back to high school. but seeing a lot of my cheer friends that i don't see very often was super fun, and it was fun reminiscing. 

^^totally had to whip out the letterman's jacket as well


  1. You're lucky that your uniform still fits you. Mine's about 2 sizes too small now. :( But let's face it, I'd have it taken in for alterations or get a new one made if it means I can spend time with my cheer family and reliving the glory days. Haha! And hey, I can even use my old uniform as an inspiration to get back into shape! ;) -Jennine @ UE Sports

    1. Seriously! After getting into my uniform it made me want to work harder to get back into shape! haha but it was so fun going back!