Life Lately

school and work have officially taken over my life. i have no time for anything, but i am taking a break from homework to share my life lately...

we moved into moon apartments a couple of weeks ago and are loving it. mostly we love that we know we will stay here longer than three months, so we can actually unpack everything and decorate! ^^^these wonderful boys helped us move in! 

^^i was in the library at school this week when a car all of a sudden caught on fire. it was insane, it damaged seven other cars. i tried getting a picture of the cars, down below, but it was all taped off i couldn't get close enough. 

^^this is so old, but i had to post. is this not the most perfect baby?? my friend eden had him a few weeks ago, and he is adorable! his name is knox. 

while unpacking we found a few good treasures we had forgotten about. ^^like this glass jar with our initial my great friend miranda gave us, filling it with cinnamon bears was a bad idea...that was filled to the top about two days ago. whoops.

^^brian bought a gun this week and we are super excited to go shooting this weekend!

^these are some fun frames we bought at a thrift store that i am going to do a fun project with. hopefully i can get to this weekend! so excited to see how it turns out. 

we went to my friends wedding last night and it was adorable. i am awful and didn't even take a picture of the bride and groom but had to get a picture of these cute jars that we got to keep! 

and finally after a long week of school, work, and more school we get to come home, get into our pajamas...and do some more homework. 

sorry for the picture overload.
have a good weekend! 

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