DIY Tablecloth

So this is pretty much the cutest, most crafty thing I have ever done. Of course I copied it from a blog I love, who has the best party ideas, Oh Happy Day--go check it out! Instead of using an actual table cloth I went to the nearest thrift store and got a sheet for like $3, so then it is more versatile! I have used it as a tablecloth and a blanket for picnics! It was also so easy, anyone can do it! 

  • Tablecloth/Sheet
  • Fabric Paint
  • Large Potato
  • Tarp (to put under the tablecloth/sheet)

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures making this, because it was really late and I just wanted to get it done. But you cut the potato in half, and dip that in paint and start doing the polka dots! It really is the simplest craft and turned out so darling! 

^^This was from our panini party where I used it as the tablecloth and below is when we used it for our picnic. It was so cheap to make and I really am in love with it! 

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