The Parthenon

This past Sunday was such a fun day! In a previous post I talked about a wedding present that had 12 dates for us to go on, one of them was a Subway giftcard for us to go on a picnic. We finally had a day that we could go, so we went to The Centennial Park where The Parthenon replica is. It was such a fun park, we would love to live somewhere close to a beautiful park like this one! 

It was perfect weather to do this, we ended up walking all around and getting our volleyball out and playing pass. I would love to go to the park all of the time to just hang out and talk and play around. After the park we went to a firework show in the city of Brentwood because they were cancelled on the 4th from the rain. It was one of the most incredible firework shows we had seen, the fireworks were huge!

^^We ended the night by having a few of the couples over for root beer floats and game night, we  played pictionary and hung out until like 1 in the morning. It was such a good Sunday, they are my favorite because I get to have Brian all day on Sundays! 

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