San Fran

A couple of weeks ago we packed everything up and moved to California,
it didn't end up working out so (luckily procrastination of unpacking was in our favor) we headed back home to Utah. 

& when I mean back home I mean that our old place was already rented out and we are at my parents until we move to Texas. (which I am loving, I might have had a slumber party with my mom and sister last night just for fun...sorry bri!)

Anyway, we were located so close to SF that we decided to make a quick day trip and do all of the touristy things, because Brian has never been! 
+Lombard Street
+Full House house
+Golden Gate Bridge 
+Pier 39
+& a Japanese Garden

I so wish we had time to do Alcatraz, but we ran out of time and went and visited my wonderful grandparents who live around Modesto, CA. 

 We, of course, loved the Japanese garden. We bought a yummy Japanese treat and talked to some Japanese ladies who loved hearing Bri speak!

We got some clam chowder and fish & chips at fishermans wharf:
 ^^most of our time was spent here...the sea lions are just so adorable! 

San Francisco was too much fun, I hope we can go again soon!

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