We had some bad news come our way a few weeks ago and I let myself have a full day of being depressed and sitting at home cuddling my Django boy.

BUT, life moves on!
The weather has been so great lately so we forced ourselves to be happy and have some fun outside! 
(Hopefully some good news will fix the bad and I will keep you posted on whats happening!)

We took our little boy to hike the Y, he definitely did not make it too far:

That same day we headed to hang with our friends, they happened to be at their parents house where my baby girl Giselle was (my first car--gisellica--toyota celica)

 ^^I <3 my family of three

Last week we rented a tandem bike from BYU and rode it around Provo.
They are way harder to ride than you would think.
 We got some gyros at a food truck and our favorite cheap drinks-shasta!

Our friends have the cutest yorkie and asked us to puppysit while they are out of town,
of course I said YES! 
Except, Django is obsessed with her and she doesn't give him the time of day haha
(Also, I'm in heaven because it's double on the puppy cuddles)

Easter Sunday

^^my dad photobombing my mom's pretty dining table

^^yes, we still get Easter baskets in our twenties.
My parents have always hid our Easter baskets around the house and this year my dad really hid them well. He gave us one word clues, ours was a closet. We were all searching for like 30 minutes and it was so frustrating because they wouldn't give us more clues! But it is so fun searching for them.

My mom then puts a scripture on each gift, some have to do with clothing, fruit, (chocolate) lamb, and others. She is so creative! 

 ^^us trying to get a cute Easter pic of our little babies. 

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