We haven't taken a girls trip in so long!
(we used to go to New York every year)

We found a weekend that worked for all of us and headed to LV for lots of eating and shopping!


^^how beautiful are my mom and sister?!! 
It's like where did I come from, I would die to have their dark skin & hair!

We arrived on Thursday and walked and shopped all day long.
Our feet were so dead, and we were planning on seeing a show that night so we got our redbull and headed to the show: mystére

OMG, the coolest show ever! 

We walked into the theatre and were instantly upgraded to fourth row...it was sweet!

 The next day we put on our lulu and "power walked" the strip--my cute moms idea.
We were at Planet Hollywood and MAC had a huge event going on, so we got our makeup done and bought a few goodies from there. 
^^my selfie to Brian letting him know I was in Japan

We hit up the botanical gardens at the Mirage and it happened to be Japan themed...which I loved.


thank you mom!
My mom is seriously so much fun and it was so great spending the weekend with her and my sissy just having girl talk! 
Thanks for always spoiling the crap out of us!

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