Thanksgiving was a busy holiday this year,
I grew up always being out of town for Thanksgiving either in Las Vegas or California for my brothers soccer tournament...so this has never been a huge family event for me.
I think this year has definitely been my favorite Thanksgiving spending so much time with family.

We started our Thanksgiving with an early morning Turkey Trot

^^my dad and bri weren't wimps and did the 10k while we did the 5k

We went straight from the run to Provo to pick up our friend Shuhei, Brian made friends with Shuhei when we were moving out to go to Japan and he was moving in from Japan. He is from Japan and didn't speak any english...7 months later he speaks perfect english! (explanation in previous post here)

Most Japanese people have never held a gun, let alone seen a gun. So, we thought it would be REALLY fun to take him shooting! 

^^I hit one clay pigeon...go me!

Shuhei absolutely LOVED shooting!  

Our day was so packed that my mom literally cooked the whole Thanksgiving dinner...sorry mom

^^we took in a few people who didn't have families to go to for Thanksgiving


We saw a movie after dinner and went straight to the outlets for black friday shopping to get our Christmas shopping done...this was not a good idea because I worked at Michael Kors the next morning at 6am in Park City. (I did it for the discount!) And the second I got off of work...more shopping!

There are so many things I am thankful for especially for my family and the gospel.
and I am so so so thankful for my cute husband who works so hard for us to get amazing opportunities in life! 

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