^^our new friend Shuhei!
(i snuck this picture from the car)

i haven't talked much about how we are moving to japan this summer...probably because i am scared out of my mind and every time brian gets excited about it i just zone him out haha.

i also haven't expressed how obsessed brian is with japanese people...sometimes i wonder why he married me and not a japanese girl. he spots japanese people out everywhere we go and gets so excited to talk to them. so while we were moving out of our apartment he had to run to the office to grab something and he was taking forever! i kept calling and texting him because i needed his help...he then walks in with a japanese boy and they were talking forever, i mean FOREVER. of course i could not understand one thing they were saying. 

it turns out this boy, named shuhei, is 18 years old, has never lived away from home, and this is his first time to America. he barely speaks any english and came to BYU for the english program, and is not mormon. his roommates haven't moved in yet and he doesn't have any way of getting around. brian was a life saver for running into him at the office, he was struggling understanding what the office manager was telling him. brian and him talked for hours and exchanged numbers. 

we came back on monday for me to take a final and while i was in class brian had called shuhei to run errands with him. shuhei needed groceries and living necessities. brian is a saint, seriously he is so kind to other people. after a few of my tests they came to pick me up and we went grocery shopping some more, which took about 3 hours because brian doesn't know a lot of grocery terms in japanese. shuhei has never lived on his own or really cooked on his own so i was throwing frozen pizzas, hot pockets and chicken pot pies at him! (not literally at him, just in his grocery cart)

i am so happy brian could help him and make shuhei feel more comfortable in america. he told us about his family and that we should meet them when we are in japan, and he has a really good family friend where we are living who speaks english and if we need any help to ask him. luckily shuhei will be here in the fall when we come back and he cannot wait for brian to call him! 


  1. hi! i want to say, i love your blog, your husband and you are so cute! my husband served a mission in japan and always picks out Japanese people wherever we go and always wants to talk to them! haha too funny. i hope we can go over there one day! I'm excited to see your experiences over there, good luck!!

    1. Thank you so much! Thats cool your husband served there too, I am so excited to check it out!