sunday was my actual birthday (august 3rd),
so i woke up to an adorable birthday letter, the prettiest ring from shopping in Takayama, and tickets to a musical in st. george (i LOVE musicals). 
--there were four tickets so we can go with our bff's brody and keelia--

it was also our last sunday at the Inuyama ward...we are so sad.
we fell in love with this ward, the members here are so amazing!

these were just a few of all the wonderful friends we have made in the ward....of course all of whom speak english!

after church we headed to our favorite taco shop, for some reason the taco's were exceptionally delicious! we headed home and had a relaxing sunday afternoon.

we got some haagen-dazs ice cream and stove top popcorn and watched my favorite movie:
dirty dancing
(which brian had never seen, very disappointed). 

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