last weekend was my 21st birthday! 
this was my first birthday that i've spent with brian and he made it extra special!

i got breakfast in bed, we skyped our families and headed to the beach!
(the water was warm this time, so i actually got in.)
after the beach we headed to costco and ate some good, american food!
the samples at costco were cheesecake and cookies, it couldn't have been more perfect!

(i went to costco with a friend earlier last week and came home with an early birthday present...this lasted a few great nights of no cooking!)

 it was a tad windy...can you tell by bri's hair?

there's a big kitty statue next to costco, so we made our way over to check it out.

^^i always bring two pairs of shoes no matter where we go (just in case one of the shoes start hurting or blistering my feet) and the one day i didn't bring an extra, BOTH of my shoes broke!

when we got home later that evening, we came home to this sign on our door from the missionaries!
every birthday my mom would leave a cute decorated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sign on our bedroom door, so she said she told the missionaries to do this for me haha. 

thanks for making my birthday so special bri!

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  1. Aw! It looks like you had such a fun birthday! Im glad it could be made special even far away from home!