monday was a holiday in japan so brian had the day off!
so for his day off he wanted to tour the Toyota plant in Nagoya,
which at first i didn't think would be fun...but it was super interesting!

(and bri loved it because it's was all about his major)

we went through the museum for a little bit and then went to the plant, but no cameras were aloud.
it was so cool, we got to see how cars were made!
we watched the assembly line of tons of workers putting together the cars, it was really cool to see how everything works. 

we went with brian's coworkers and after, of course, they wanted to go to lunch.
(sometimes it gets a little old when they constantly speak japanese and i'm just sitting there smiling pretending to know whats going on).

so, funny but long story. 
brian's coworker picked us up to go to Toyota and came way earlier than he said he would, so we didn't have time to eat breakfast.
(i think of what to eat for breakfast before my eyes open from sleep, me without breakfast is not good)

anyway, we got to the toyota museum and i needed food.
there was a cafe but of course, typical japanese, it was a vending machine full of coffee.
we found a tiny bag of our favorite japanese crackers and had to get them, i took a huge handful so excited and its curry flavored! they were so disgusting.

after we were done with the tour it was about 2pm, we were starving!!!
(come to find out, there was a starbucks the whole time at the museum!)
so then, we go to lunch with this coworker and as we're driving i'm just thinking to myself "please stop at a mcdonalds really quick!"

we get to this restaurant and have to wait 30 mins in the heat.
the coworker orders for us both while we're waiting outside,
i lean into brian and say, "what are we eating?"
brian smiles and says--EEL
i wanted to cry

let's just say green onions and lots of rice can mask the taste of black eel. 
i had a rough day. 

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