sumo wrestling! (prepare for more pics!)

sumo was so cool!
they do rituals before they wrestle every time that take like ten minutes,
and then the wrestling lasts for about five seconds. 

^this is how they keep score

this guy was our favorite, he's from egypt and was more muscle than fat.
this was also the longest match and the most entertaining:

 ^^people would freak out when they would lift up their legs, it was hilarious!

this was the closest we could get to the wrestlers...and we got in trouble for taking a picture!

we had a lot of fun doing something so different!
we went with some of brian's coworkers and went to dinner with them after...which sometimes we don't like because they always take us to the most expensive dinners!

also, it's always the same food. 
we get this katso chicken and rice that's so expensive and it tastes the same as the $3 one at the grocery store. (but then i thought maybe foreigners think the same when we buy an expensive, delicious burger and they think its the same as an in-n-out burger)

after dinner we explored the city, sakai, and went to the top of the tv tower.
it was raining, as it does every. single. day. 

oh, and i would like to thank my sweetheart for losing the cap to the camera lens...haha we were a little sad when we looked down and it was gone! (it also could've been me who lost it...but don't tell bri)

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