the members of the church in japan are amazing.

they are seriously the best examples to me.

there is a woman who puts on a Family Home Evening once a month on sunday.
everyone is invited in the ward, but only younger single people show up, and she makes a huge dinner.

last sunday was the 20th year celebration of her doing this.  
^^these two sister missionaries are my new bff's.
i'm trying to convince the brunette to come to provo after her mish instead of BYU-I
^^this wasn't even all of the food. 

there was a lot more food placed on this table & there were two other rooms full of different food. 

we didn't even make a dent in the food.

we sat on the floor for all of dinner, which seemed like forever....my legs were dead. 
her house was massive and really japanese style.

i don't even know what that is called hanging up on the wall but she makes them herself and they are hanging up everywhere around her house. 
 it was so fun hanging out with the members,

most of them speak at least a little english so i can actually communicate with them!

brian and i don't have friends to hang out with (other than the missionaries) so it was nice to be with a big group of people that were our ages and spoke english. 

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