we went to tokyo disney sea, which is like the california adventure, and it was amazing.
it is really new and the decorations, buildings, themes exceeded my expectations.
they were like nothing i have ever seen, even better than disneyland in california!

^^cruella was the only character with no line 

^^the aladdin themed area was by far the most amazing part

^^we had about 15 minutes until the park closed and we were looking for last second rides. we walked past the little mermaid themed area but never went inside, i went inside while bri was getting us a treat and found the teacup ride!!!
i freaked out, got brian and we ran to the teacups. i was so excited.

we stayed until the park closed, which meant the trains were packed!
i really have never seen anything like it, the doors would barely shut because people were packed, bags and arms were almost getting stuck in between the doors.
we were dying by the end of the night. we got little to no sleep the night before on the train, were walking allover tokyo and disneyland...and still had to stand on the trains and figure out where to go. 

buuuut it was a pretty amazing day,
and we may come back in August!!!

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  1. OH MY GOSH! Aladdin is my favorite! That is sooo cool! How awesome!