this trip to tokyo was quite the adventure.
we stayed in a capsule hotel and it was very interesting.
we definitely did it for the experience and after i took some pictures i was ready to leave...
but we stayed for the night and experienced a bunch of different things!
the inside had this 1970's looking radio and tv
we made some friends who we stayed up late talking to, one is from canada and the other from singapore. they came to japan with zero plans and met through a hostel. it was fun sharing travel stories.
we slept here after disneyland, after the over night bus, after walking in the heat all day.
we needed to shower
the only place to shower was the bath house.
our friends we made had just come from a really fancy bath house and showed us the ropes, they wouldn't even use it because it looked pretty gross. 

there were old japanese ladies walking around completely naked.
the showers were tiny stalls with no doors. they were super short so you couldn't really stand.
there were really gross buckets to sit on & i didn't have shower sandals! 
after you shower there is a big bath/hot tub to relax in...but i was not going in there.
i showered as fast as i could and ran out of there! 

it really was a crazy experience staying there...hopefully one we won't have to go through again! 
the next morning we had a few hours to kill before our bus back to nagoya left,
so we headed to shibuya to see shibuya crossing + it was insane! 
we didn't think it would be busy because it was a weekend, but it was still crazy especially with a soccer game going on
^^all you can eat pizza! (most of it was japanese pizza...like wasabi and corn)
^^so many people wear clothes with weed allover them, like even old ladies at the gym! i'm not too sure most of them know it isn't a decorative flower. 
it was pretty incredible seeing so much craziness in one place.
tokyo is like new york on steroids!
after we explored the city we caught our 6 hour bus ride home,
came right home, had a normal shower of course, and SLEPT!

Tokyo we'll be coming back for you soon! 


  1. yay i'm glad i finally found your blog! :) haha and it looks like you guys are having a blast!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like an experience! Was the capsule really claustrophobic?