this week i ventured on my own! 
it was a little scary and i had to get the public transportation down by myself.
i met the sister missionaries (one is from utah and the other from idaho) and two girls my age who are in the ward. one girl is japanese and the other is from the philippines. 
(kylene, the filippino, knows 5 languages!!!) 
we went out to lunch and had some american pasta. 
the missionaries had to meet with other people so kylene and the japanese girl (her name is too hard to pronounce or spell) took me to get some japanese ice cream--on the floor. 
i was with them from 11am to 3pm, we talked and talked for hours! 
we loved learning about each others cultures and had so many questions for one another. 
i made it there and back safely and without getting lost...it was a huge success

well, we are off to TOKYO for the weekend! 


  1. Adore your blog and your style:) You look so pretty! And it's very intresting to read each your blogpost.

  2. You look so beautiful and happy! YAY! Good job! Look at you getting it down!