Happy Father's Day

^^these curls are not natural, they came from uncomfortable all night sleep of wearing curlers.

this is the third year in a row i haven't been with my dad for father's day. 
this man is truly amazing!
he is so understanding, knowledgable and has the best advice on life. 
every quality my dad has i wanted to find in my husband, and i think i got pretty close. 
my dad is the type to work hard all week long, come saturday you will not see him relaxing...he will be working on a project around the house, cars, the boat or anything he can find that needs to be fixed. 
he is the biggest handy-man, no matter what is broken he can fix it!

whenever one of us kids have a problem or question about life he is the one we go to. 
he knows everything.
he has guided me through school, work, marriage, and everything to do with life.
he tells terrible, terrible jokes and thinks he is hilarious (sometimes he is)--but i think those are just called dad jokes. 
no matter what life throws him he stays strong and always has a plan B to get through tough times.
he inspires me to draw closer to my Heavenly Father whenever i am around him,
and motivates me to work and play hard.

i have the best memories with my dad, most of them consist of us being outdoors: camping, hiking, boating, skiing, four-wheeling, and biking. 
my favorite memory was the daddy-daughter dance at my wedding, it was so special.

okay, i'll stop bragging about how amazing my dad is. 
(i know my hubby will be an amazing daddy someday too!)

i love you dad!!!

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