Park City

i've had a break from blogging because this week was finals for me, but i am officially done today! now only one week for summer semester to start...wooh.

we spent half of the weekend packing up our apartment and moving everything into storage. we started at about 4 on friday and ended at 3am. we usually have about 4 of brian's friends help us to move the big stuff, but this time we did it all on our own. we then woke up at 6am saturday morning to finish the little things and deep clean, and finished around 4pm. it was a lot of work and we were exhausted. but we are so happy to be done with moving.

after we got done moving on saturday we headed straight to park city for a little getaway. (my mom gets a condo every now and then up there to spend a whole week sewing quilts for us kids). we invited our friends trevor + chloe to go out to dinner and hot tub. we had no time to rest from packing, so on sunday we just hung out at the condo and did absolutely nothing...and it was amazing.

later that evening my whole family came up to have sunday dinner and go hot tubbing some more. my mom brought up the paraffin wax so we could dip our hands in and make them softer. we spent the night again there and had to drive to provo the next morning for one of my finals.

it was so nice to get away for the weekend right after we packed up our apartment. it was tough because we had to pack for japan right then, and now we are living out of suitcases at my parents house.

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