Grand Cayman (Part One)

^^brian torturing the poor starfish

i don't even know where to begin with how amazing this vacation was! it took us three days to get to cayman because of passport difficulty, but we finally made it! (we then extended our trip and had difficulty coming home too!)

we went with brian's friend and his wife (kyler + rachel)
--backstory on rachel:
           we are not from the same area at all but we did know each other in high school.
           we dated the same boy in high school, and we did NOT like one another. at all.
           anyway, fast forward a few years later and we marry husbands who are best friends.
           what are the chances?!
           and now we are great friends!

we did so many fun things!
my favorites would have to be stingray city + finding starfish.
i was obsessed with the starfish and we would go out everyday and find a few to play with.
we went to stingray city a couple of times,
the first time i was very freaked out from the stingrays coming up to you and letting you hold them
(does anyone remember how steve irwin died?!)
but the second time we went i was very brave and was chasing after them to hold and touch.

more pics to come!

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