valentines date(s)

get ready for picture overload.
we celebrated valentines on friday and saturday.
friday morning i woke up early for the gym and when i came home there was a sweet little valentines note left for me. (brian is a wonderful artist)

i had an afternoon date planned, but brian had a test after school so we did it on saturday.
that night he cooked a romantic dinner,
gave me a present i've been needing,
bought my favorite ice cream,
and then we watched a movie inside of a fort he made!

on saturday i had a little picnic set up at utah lake.
this is where one of our first dates was.
we got hot chocolate and went to the lake and talked for hours.
i had some of brian's favorites: cafe rio, sodalicious drink and cookie, & tacos from our favorite mexican market!

^^i made this last year for valentines of pictures from us dating

our valentines was pretty solid, especially since we stretched it out to two days!

i love my valentine!


  1. k you two are so cute. i love i love

  2. Aw! That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  3. could you two be any cuter!!! Adorable!!