Road Trip

1 day and 1 hour, can you even believe that? we drove back last week from Nashville to Salt Lake and it was a long drive. my poor husband has the worst traveling partner because all I do is sleep while he drives. but the times that I was awake we had so much fun playing games! on our way home we decided to stop in St. Louis to check out the Arch, and I seriously fell in love....again, and want to go back! 

this restaurant was the worst of our adventure, it was on the top eats of UrbanSpoon and we ordered what they recommended and look what it was...

^^^it looks like a heart attack, but i guess thats what you get from eating at a place with the word "chili" in it....

^^we rode up to the top of the arch in that thing.

i love st. louis. the people there were so nice, it made me so happy. it was fun going to the top of the arch and seeing the whole city, and seeing the cardinals stadium full of people. i hope one day we can go back! 


  1. I have never been to St. Louis! My brother in law served his mission there though. I just randomly came across your blog and thought you looked so so familiar. I thiiiink you went to my high school. But I could be wrong. Anyways! Glad you had so much fun on your road trip!


    1. I recognize you too, so I am assuming you went to Alta!

  2. Woah! that is crazy! looks so cool.